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Thank you for choosing Colorado Bankers Life Insurance Company ("CBL") and Bankers Life Insurance Company (“BLIC”) to service your insurance needs.  As you are aware, CBL and BLIC have been in Court-ordered rehabilitation since June of 2019.  Since CBL and BLIC cannot meet all policyholder obligations as they come due, the rehabilitation court imposed a moratorium on surrendering annuity policies.  The purpose behind the moratorium is fairness; if policyholders were allowed to surrender their policies for cash in the ordinary course of business, the first policyholders would be paid but there would not be enough cash to pay later policyholders. 

The Rehabilitator submitted a motion to the Court to modify the Court-ordered moratorium and instruct the Rehabilitator to force the surrender of annuity contracts with a value of $1,334 or less to provide funds to policyholders during rehabilitation and to relieve the Company from the administrative expense of administering these small-value annuity contracts.  The Court approved the Rehabilitator’s request, and instructed the Rehabilitator to surrender the full balance of your annuity, less any applicable tax withholding, fees and surrender charges as outlined in your annuity contract. 

A copy of the order can be found in the section below.

CBL and BLIC have partnered with Kroll Restructuring Administration LLC (“Kroll”) as our administrator for this process. 

Please consult your financial and tax advisors before making any decision.

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